With the new login, full dusclosure is needed


I have been a long time user of Sickrage but the new login system is just, well, it does not sit well with me.
Can you point me in the direction of exactly what data is sent to your server. At least point me to the relevant source files so that I can read for myself what you are sending to your servers. I cant seem to find any condensed info about it. I think it is wrong to suddenly force people to login but not explain why and what data is logged. And also, no OptOut?


Its a SSO login system, whatever info you filled out at registration is what is stored, there’s nothing more to it then that, just a simple login system to allow 1 account have access to multiple SR web sites and services.


I know what SSO is but Im finding stuff in the code that looks like it’s sending error logs to you (sentry.sickrage.ca) in logger.py.
Also, what does putio.py do? I’m not well versed in Python but I do not like what I’m reading in there. Looks like some kind of torrent data is uploaded to put.io.

Why cant we have local accounts for those of us not comfortable with this login and see no use for these nonexistent new features?


Yes errors only get logged remotely so that I can keep on top of fixing unreported bugs, all sensitive info gets filtered out.

Put.io is one of the notification clients for you to use in the app to get notified when a episode is downloaded.

I do plan to allow local login only.

Anything else ?


Yes. Where shuld I search for news on when/if local accounts will be enabled? I will be running an old version until then.


It’ll be posted here on our forums in the Latest News section


They need to get rid of that login. I run this on a home lan that i do not want things outside connecting. I had to switch to sonar since you started to do this. this login is just not acceptable.


That’s fine, everyone is welcome to their own choices and opinions