Windows trojan error with download, earlier install is getting consistent "cannot contact SSO" error

I had a server that was running pretty effectively for several years, when asurge blew my UPS and the power supply on the server, necessitating that I rebuild the server. I’ve got my replacement box set up (Windows 10), and attempting to access the configuration page gives me an error, “We are unable to reach the SiCKRAGE SSO authorization server, Please try again later!” I’ve been trying to reach the configuration page for over a week now, so I doubt it’s a problem with the authentication server.

From another forum post, I tried to connect to and I get a page for Keycloak, which I presume is your SSO provider.

I am attempting to run; I was going to attempt to download to another computer to verify firewall connectivity but Windows Defender is reporting there is a trojan, Win32/Spursint.F!cl, in the package.


Since you are able to reach which is our SSO (auth) server, then there is nothing blocking you from it, however, I noticed you said your trying to run v10.0.62.1, that version no longer will work as there was a change made to the SSO URL in the code and your need to update to the latest version, I understand Windows Defender is flagging it as a false-positive, this is most likely due with the way “Advanced Installer” packages the application, the installer is safe but I ask that you do what you feel comfortable with doing.


Thanks, downloading the latest version and reinstalling worked.

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