Windows defender detecting as Virus Windows installer seems to be being flagged by defender as a virus.

Presumably it’s not, but worth confirming?


I get the same on several Windows computers. It does not download at all even if I choose to keep it and rely on it.

Please provide a different download option!

Its virus-free and just a false-positive, if you can’t for whatever reason install using our installer, then you can always install via GIT or Docker

Thanks - I just wanted that confirmed. When deactivating On-Access virus scanning I could download and install the windows installer.

This is however the first version of Your Windows installer that has been reported as potential virus/spyware.

OK, that is good to know, I’ll dig deeper into what could be flagging the new setup, I use Advanced Installer to build the install/setup files so could be something from their core code is causing this also.

Fixed and scanned by VIrusTotal, The 1 detection by ESET is due to NSSM being embedded in the setup file, its used for creating a service to run SR in the background.


Wonder if that same vendor is getting over zealous with all its ratings since it was also flashing qbittorrent as well

ESET has always been known for its over zealous reviews of software