Windowd defender find a trojan

Sickrage stoped working… (again)
i downloaded the newest version to make a clean start, but windows defender blocked it because of a" Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.D8!ml"

anyone can tell me how serieus this is

and now whatever i try, can not deinstall or install again.
it is called sickrage, and for a few years it was my number one app, donate the makers, but at this moment i am getting sick of this rage
every update a real chalange to install it again.

Which OS are you attempting to run the installer on and are you using the latest installer?

OK, I’ve updated SR website to download latest 10.0.7 setup, please confirm if gives you the same issue.

Just wanted to follow up on this and see if the issue persists ?

Hello again
as it turned out for the better i made a fresh install of windows, and downloaded the latest Sickrage version i am at 10.0.9 at this moment

also i decided to noyt use a backup file but to configure everything from scratch…

NOW i have an olsd problem comming back again.

i have two NAS systems in the netword and have maped drive tellers towards the folders i like to use.

however ( ive seen this in the early days also) sickrage does not see these maped drives???

is there a setting i have to change ?

Trick is to run the service under a user with those drives mapped already

grrr #@[email protected][email protected]%%#[email protected] gettingreal frustrated .

i am a network guty and routing NAT and Vlans are realy my thing, windows I abanded years ago , what a horrable thing…

i can not get it to work,

changed the user on the sickrage service into the account that i use in windows and where the mappings works fine from the explorer, but after restarting the service or rebooting , still no mapped drives in the sickrage webpage to choose as a drive to use , only C: and d: drive…

What should i do from scratch… i think i tried almost everything now already

Well the only other way I can think of to run it is to disable the service and start it up using a shortcut