Where can I set "Show update" frequency?

In the scheduler I see a “Show update” job that seems to run every hour.

Does anyone know where is it possible to change its cycle time? I’ve searched settings but can’t seem to find anything related.


You go into settings -> Search Clients and you set Daily search frequency.

Thanks! This is very strange… “Daily Search frequency” actually controls, well, the daily search (“Daily search” job appears in addition to “Show update” in the Scheduler screen).

But as I changed that one to 15 hours, the “Show update” also changed but to 1 day, now! Completely random as far as I can see

I’d have to check the code again but I believe I have show updates hard-coded to once a day, its very possible daily search frequency controls it as well, once I determine I’ll update the GUI to properly give better information as to what does what for that setting, lots of changes have been made over the past few years so if I’ve missed documenting a feature or updating the GUI in more detail I apologize.

Whoa, no apology needed, of course! Thanks for your hard work.
I’ve got it sorted out now that it’s no longer 1 hour which was a bit too much