What the actual fuck?


I upgraded sickrage today to find that I now have to register using oauth? what the fuck?
Why are you breaking shit that wasn’t broken? what happened to a local login?


Your perfectly welcome to go elsewhere, many other forks to choose from, I hear Sonarr is decent.


Yeah, I expected as much. Already done. A great way to lose your community is to start tracking them. Keep up the good work…


Funny cause I don’t feel by you hitting the door I’ve lost much other then someone that’s gonna be negative over software that’s given to them for free, meh


I’d have no problem paying for it, nobody ever asked. Until now it was a great tool.


Because the new login is a pain in the a$$, and seems not to work.


What’s not working with it ?


I have no any problem with oauth login, I like it, everithing works fine and I have no problem even with possible tracking :slight_smile:
Those cases with loosing personal data from FB, tracking everywhere, virusses, hacking (Angelina Jolie style! :), GDPR, etc… makes people paranoid :slight_smile:

I Am proud user of this fork of SickRage and the support from echel0n in his free time is incredible (often compared to others where there are more developers)

But this seems starts to feed the trolls, so…

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