Weird Errors and warnings

hey just started to get this working reliably now i have this weird error and some warnigs poping up

error is

warnings are ( but in testing deludge works ( and new torrents are added)

sorry for the mass posting this is a super cool things and i really wanna get it working :slight_smile:

I’ll check into this over the weekend, been busy working on other aspects to the app performance and my day job.

hey totally get that this is a side project man :slight_smile: really appreciate on that note i changed my torrent downloaded and still getting the same issues

different set of errors this morning and no torrents downloading

All of this has to do with the SR API, the backend upgrades I’m making will correct that as I’m switching the storage for the dB to SSD datacenter drives, I can also see what I can do to tune the code for retries when it fails to get a response back due to load being to high on the API server.

ok, so can i leave it and it will retry failed tv shows?

and missed tv shows will download when you fixed the back end?

Yes it will continue to try and find the episodes it has not yet gotten, shipment I was waiting on is this weekend so should have everything in place so I can start dialing in the API server for accepting more requests.

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OK, I’ve completed the maintenance on the backend storage cluster, API should be more stable now, I’ll be performing RPS and TPS testing on the API web server to try and tune it better for more connections now that we have IOPS to spare.

awesome thank you i will wait for SR to do its thing over night and i hope all my back date TV is grabbed