Web UI down Windows 10, sickrage.ca doesn't resolve

Can’t access web UI with SR, service is running normally. Tried to go to sickrage.ca in FF, and it didn’t resolve. Can’t load the page. I pinged the site and it shows that it’s online. Hopefully this gets sussed out, or let me know what I can do to resolve this.

Can you please confirm if this issue is still present ?

yup. cant connect to web UI or sickrage.ca in FF

Do you have any adblocker or firewall that could be blocking the site?

I haven’t changed my system configuration, it was working perfectly then wasn’t.

Have you tried other browsers ? nothing has changed on this end either, are you going through a VPN?

I’m running a new router that’s giving me issues. I’m gonna swap that out tonight and I’ll check back.

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The sickrage service is running… but it doesn’t connect when I try the browser. When I get home I’m going to bypass the router and see if that fixes it. If not… I guess we’ll go from there. This isn’t the first time it’s just plain stopped working for no reason, so I hope we can get this sorted.

I am having the same issue. SR service is running but when opening the browser it says the connection was refused. No firewall or adblocker running on my system.

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okay… new problem.

I downloaded the latest version from sickrage.ca for windows 10. That was version 9.4.223. It then says there is a newer version and asked if I wanted to download that, which is version 10.0.3. That says I need python 3.7 (even tho i have 3.89 installed) and it proceeds to download a 32bit version of python 3.7 (even though I am pretty sure I need 64bit). Then the installer errors out on me, and doesn’t actually complete. I’m then left with a half installed program that I can’t uninstall, as that errors out on me as well. So I’m stuck and have no clue where to go from here.

This is the error message I get when I try and uninstall Sickrage 10.0.3 with add/remove programs

On a positive note, I have a backup to use once this finally gets back up and running.

You can just run the installer again to remove it and then install it again afterwards instead of trying to use add/remove programs.

@halcyon627 @gdelohi
Another person on the forums was having the same issue with connecting, the solution was to start SR with --host, now in the latest installer I have setup the service to automatically add this for new installs.

Prior to SR v10 update, it would bind to the address from the first LAN adapter in the device it runs on, and that address was stored into the config file, at some point I did away with this and just had SR listen on all interface addresses, but in SR v10 I restored the functionality but made the default to listen on all interface addresses and have the end-user specify if they wanted to bind to a specific address instead.

Problem is that previous config settings got migrated over, IP addresses and all, so now its most likely listening on a specific address again, so either you can go into the logs to see what that address is and then change it to from general network settings or startup SR with --host which is what the new installer does for new installs anyways.

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Just letting you know, running the installer again to uninstall produces an unknown error and doesn’t let me uninstall it. Nothing I do lets me uninstall it.

You can download this app from microsoft for force uninstalling, Fix problems that block programs from being installed or removed (microsoft.com)

You also want to make sure the service is uninstalled after, you can download NSSM - the Non-Sucking Service Manager

With NSSM you would run it from command line nssm remove sickrage

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Once this is done, I can try installing 10.0.3 again?

yes that is correct

After installing V10, should I try to connect the same way? http://localhost:8081/
Right now I get a message that localhost refused to connect. This started yesterday prior to installing V10 and is still present after upgrading.

BTw, I am using Chrome.

try accessing using 127.0.01 or the IP address that is set on your interface

Sorry for the stupid question but how do I know which IP is set on the interface? Any settings I was accessing through the web interface, which is inaccessible now.