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Greetings Echel0n,

I’d like to raise these concerns with you to see whether they should be in your issue tracker:

1.) Ombi integration broken: does not synch requests from Ombi to Sickrage. New shows, existing shows, etc. don’t make it over. This despite Ombi indicating a successful connection to Sickrage. Suspect this error is the cause: Exception when trying to cache SickRage (Event Log Application Errors) Any chance this is an issue with SickRage or is it Ombi’s ball court?

2.) Broken custom SSL certificate integration: I run a custom SSL certificate on my SickRage install. When accessing the URL tied to the SSL, I get a man in the middle warning from Chrome I have to override manually to access the site through what appears to be a broken cert. I understand you’ve moved to your own SSL certs, is there still a plan in the works to support custom certs? I cannot locate any other means to access SickRage using a custom Domain though I suspect that there is a URL somewhere invisible that permits access. Can you clarify?

3.) Would like a button to flush the backlog queue. Perhaps I’m missing it but with 5000 items in backlog, it slows everything down incredibly. Purging the backlog queue would be useful.

If I can be of assistance in narrowing down these concerns, just ask.


Hi @Spaatz ,

With the holidays around the corner and having kids + day job, I haven’t had the time to do much,

1.) I need to install Ombi first and then debug to see where it is failing.

2.) I need to switch DNS hosting for domain from Cloudflare to in-house as Cloudflare imposes a limit on the number of DNS entries I am allowed, after I’ve done that, I can then begin to re-issue SSL certs and will code in something to display the URL into the UI, this particular change is to pave the way for the new UI, which I have had to pump the breaks on due to lack of free time for now, hoping to get back at it start of next year.

3.) Flushing the backlog queue can be done by simply mass updating episodes marked as “wanted” to “skipped”

If you would like, you can open separate issues in our tracker for #1 and #2, we can proceed from there.


Thanks Echel0n,

Two issues added to your tracker. Know it’s the holidays and have kids myself so enjoy the time off and catch you in the new year.


Thanks for fixing the SSL issue Echel0n!

For anyone wondering , v10.0.50 that was just released re-enables support for custom SSL certificates on your own Domain in SickRage. It requires a .crt and .key file you can get from any SSL provider more or less. Here is the (closed) ticket in the issue tracker if you’re interested in doing it yourself!

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Next I’ll take a look into Ombi and the API issues with it, currently I’m working on CI/CD integration for our Windows installer package so I can automate builds/deploys of it, after that I will begin.

thanks for the awesome information.

I haven’t forgotten about this, just been rather busy lately, I’ll try and carve out more time this weekend for it.

Thanks to Echel0n who fixed the Ombi integration broken issue this weekend. Ombi now properly calls SickRage and creates episodes automatically in Sickrage after request and approval in Ombi. No more errors about JSON arrays in the error log and no more manually creating episodes in Sickrage after they are requested in Ombi. It’s fixed folks! Version just released fixed it!