V 10.0.19 SSL Certificate Issue


I admittedly messed things up by installing the Windows 11 officially released beta and am giving it a whirl. One of the things that broke was IIS for a little while and once I got that working again, I noticed that the SSL certificates I custom installed on my machine aren’t being recognized by SickRage. I keep getting a Certificate Not Valid error saying the Sickrage certificate is not in the trusted store. Typically I see my own certificate instead. Saw that a few changes took place with SSL in the recent release, which is what I updated to today after I installed the Windows 11. I can login by overriding the SSL error so I can configure things but the settings I made to point to my custom certificate and key are either not working right or not being recognized.

Curious question, I have the CRT file and both the unencrypted and encrypted key files and have tried both with no success so don’t see that being the issue but which one is the right key file for SR?

Anyway, it seems really fast compared to previous now so thank you, I’m sure I’ll figure this out but in case it is a known issue or fix, I figured I’d check in.

Have a good weekend!

We now generate custom SSL’s for the app, this is in prep for the new UI we are rolling out soon hopefully, SR will automatically download those SSL certs from the API and replace whatever is there currently, in the new UI we will add in the ability to use custom SSL’s as well.

Thanks Echel0n,

Is there anything specific I should do in the interim to ensure https works with my custom URL or is the new UI and SSL support imminent?

This issue was fixed today in v10.0.50. https://git.sickrage.ca/SiCKRAGE/sickrage/-/issues/590