Using SR with rtorrent via RPC not working

I managed to get an RPC connection working for rtorrent. I confirmed it with transdroid and radarr. The problem is that SR cannot find xmlrpclib when trying to use rtorrent. Since SR upgraded to using python3, this needs to be changed as well. xmlrpclib as been changed to xmlrpc.client (see note at top at ). If I’m not mistaken, it is already within python3, so I don’t need to install it seperately. Can you please confirm and change this whenever you can? I’d appreciate it. Thanks in advance

Edit. I did some digging. I think it needs to be changed here:

/sickrage/libs/rtorrentlib/lib/xmlrpc/ --> here, it has been changed.
/sickrage/libs/rtorrentlib/lib/xmlrpc/ --> I think for my purposes it needs to be changed here since I’m not using auth. My host is, though I’m not sure it’s formatted properly since I cannot test it. Rest is blank and set to none.

I’ll try and get to this later today or tomorrow, i’ll reply back once finished.

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New release being pushed, issue should now be resolved, please confirm.

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I’ll test it tomorrow and report back, it’s 4am here :stuck_out_tongue:

Well the test itself seems to work, but the connection to rtorrent doesn’t. I used as host. It works fine in both transdrone for Android and radarr. The log doesn’t have anything regarding the connection test.

OK, I’ll work on this over the weekend.