Unaired episodes cannot be tagged for download


I have noticed that episodes tagged as “unaired” cannot have their status changed to “wanted”. This makes sense for episodes which have yet to be aired (e.g. next week’s episode, which geenrally does have an air-date) but not for items which are (for example) extras on DVDs of old shows (and thus do not have an actual air-date). These later episodes/extras can, most of the time, be found online.

Would it be possible to have tick-boxes added to these items?


Can you provide an example please ?


Wish I could. For some god-forsaken reason, Sickrage will no longer give me a web interface, either via the network or locally. rebooting doesn’t seem to help.


Aha! Software behaved long enough for me to look at a specific show: “UFO”, from 1970. It has a whole heap of extras which came with the DVDs, but there’s no way to mark them as wanted (even though SR will recognise them if they are placed in the directory).


You know what, I seem to remember there being a option to enable specials and it now seems to have disappeared, I’ll go through the code and see what happened and bring it back, maybe later today.


Did you have any luck with this?


Been super busy with everything else so haven’t had the time to focus on this, I’ll hit this on the weekend.