Unable to start package service since last update

Sickrage will not start, and I’m getting the following error in the sickrage.log when starting the service after the most recent update for Synology:

Thu Aug 6 12:37:41 EDT 2020
Starting sickrage command /volume1/@appstore/sickrage/env/bin/python /volume1/@appstore/sickrage/share/SiCKRAGE/SiCKRAGE.py --daemon --pidfile /volume1/@appstore/sickrage/var/sickrage.pid --config /volume1/@appstore/sickrage/var/config.ini --datadir /volume1/@appstore/sickrage/var/
OpenSSL not available, please install for better requests validation: https://pyopenssl.readthedocs.org/en/latest/install.html
Found unwanted file /volume1/@appstore/sickrage/share/SiCKRAGE/sickrage/pycache/init.cpython-35.pyc, removed!
DEPRECATION: The OpenSSL being used by this python install (OpenSSL 1.0.2n 7 Dec 2017) does not meet the minimum supported version (>= OpenSSL 1.1.1) in order to support TLS 1.3 required by Cloudflare, You may encounter an unexpected reCaptcha or cloudflare 1020 blocks.

There’s nothing in the error log of note (last entry was from mid-july). I have updated everything to the latest version (inlcuding today’s Python 2.7.18-23 update). Python 3 is at

Any suggestions? Thanks!

This should now be resolved.

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Excellent! Just applied the 9.4.216-1 u[date, and I’m back in business! Thank you so much!

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