Unable to rename name when title is in english


when i download an episode name for example “Death.in.Paradise.S08E05.FRENCH.720p.HDTV.x264-SH0W.mkv” and i launch a scan to rename it in french langage, Sickrage app don’t see this episode… I have to replace “Death.in.Paradise” by “Meurtres au paradis”, the french name…

Why ?


What branch are you on ?

The last i think

SR Sous ID: 51f2c7d2-05b1-4743-8e51-588a84c8b214
Version SR : 9.4.84
SR Type d'Installation: GIT
SR GIT Commit: 3fbe0fbe179ab033e52b3d70e2a5d4133aa9b30c
SR nom d'utilisateur: [email protected]
SR Locale : UTF-8
SR Fichier de Config: /volume1/@appstore/sickrage/var/config.ini
SR Cache Dir : /volume1/@appstore/sickrage/var/cache
Fichier de journal de SR : /volume1/@appstore/sickrage/var/logs/sickrage.log
Arguments de SR : ['--daemon', '--pidfile', '/volume1/@appstore/sickrage/var/sickrage.pid', '--config', '/volume1/@appstore/sickrage/var/config.ini', '--datadir', '/volume1/@appstore/sickrage/var/']
Version de tornade : 5.1.1
Version de Python : 2.7.14 (default, May 28 2018, 14:47:18) [GCC 4.7.3 20130102 (prerelease)]

Looks like your on master, new python 3 version on develop branch being tested before being moved to master right now

How migrate on develop branch to try ?

I use SickRage with my Synology NAS and we’re under Python 3.5.1-0104 and 3.5.6-8 not 3.7, i can use your new Sickrage ?