Unable to reach the SiCKRAGE SSO


Seems, i am unable login to SicnRage when VPN is turned on.
Is there any setting i need to update to be able to browse SickRage while running VPN?

VPN: WindScribe

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This is the first I’m hearing of a VPN causing an issue reaching https://auth.sickrage.ca

You could just disable SSO in SR and use a user/pass instead to get around this if you like, doing so will disable access to our SR API which provides enhanced searches and other features.

I did a restore defaults for Windows Firewall and tried again with no luck.
Where should I look to see what might be causing this issue?

If its only happening with the VPN on but you can reach other sites then you may need to reach out to the VPN provider and let them know of the problem to see if they can provide a solution for it

Yes, only happening on this site, all other sites are working while being on VPN.
Will reach out to provider and see if they can advise on this issue