Unable to install Sickrage on Ubuntu 20.04 missing files

I am attempting to try out Sickrage after using another Sickabeard Fork for some time. But I am running into issues with Ubuntu 20.04 server and a fresh install using the direction in the how to area for git install.

The issue I think is happing is that the config.ini file is not getting created or is even present when the source was brought down to the server. I have tried what I know about how the software works as I have used The original Sickbeard and the other fork for many years now. But I do admit there is a lot to know and the instructions out ont he web don’t include instruction concerning Ubuntu 20.04 and Python 3.8 that is installed with ubuntu 20.04, and the new migration sickrage has done to Python3.

Any help with a good install instructions would be great or any other insight.