Unable to install on synology 412+

I tried following the how-to (How to install on a Synology via Packages ) but I couldn’t find sickrage in the package center.
I followed these steps:

  1. Set publisher to any
  2. Added the two sources
  3. Installed python 3 (Tho I did install the official one, figures it wasn’t a problem)
  4. Don’t see the sickrage package anywhere.

As far as I can tell there’s no packages in the synology.sickrage.ca when I click the Full Package List, figured thats the problem :wink:

This should now be fixed, sorry for the delay in responding.

No worries.
I still don’t see SickRage in the package center anywhere.
Under Full Package list there’s a bunch of releases, but when I click my device directly (412+ under Synology Models) I just get a “HTTP ERROR 500”

OK, please try now, should be fixed