Unable to connect to webUI

I just updated to version 10.0.2 on Synology DSM and can’t connect to the webUI on port 8899. The browser reports the connection refused. I restarted the Synology and thought to wait a while for services to start, but after 30 minutes the interface isn’t connecting.

What version of SR ?

Funny story. I am able to connect to the UI this morning. This is version 10.0.2-25 on DSM. Could there have been a delay with the web server availability while there was database maintenance?

It could of been a upgrade being done to the SSO server, I’ve setup updates to happen now between 1AM and 5AM PST

Before today everything was ok, today I cannot login, looking into the LOG, it seems my raspberry pi is binding sickrage to the public IP (10.7.X.X) to the port 8081, and I used to connect via the local IP (which is 10.0.1.X).
The thing is I cannot access the UI to find out more, and for what I am reading on the forum, it seems now the DB config is being encrypted.
What should I do to change this?

You can start it with --host

The UI is back, thank you so much, I panicked for a moment :slight_smile:
Just for everybody else who needs it, just like echel0n said, I ran this command on my raspberry pi.
python3.7 SiCKRAGE.py -d --host

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