Unable to connect to provider torrentleech


there seem to be some problem with Torrentleech/sickrage keep getting “Unable to connect to provider” even tho its the correct information `(windows 10)

any clue?

@echel0n if you need accses to TL again i changed back PW as last time


Will check when home in next few hrs


cool thanks :smiley:


found any solution for this matter ? :S


Could you send me the user/pass info again please via PM


dont know how to pm so i will resend the e-mail


I just tested this provider with the latest code and couldn’t find any issues with it.


want to connct to my pc with teamviewr?


this still dosent work tryed to make contact with private msg


Send me.your creds and I’ll hope on in 30


check pm please @echel0n


replied back @jillis92


I had this same issue @jillis92, what was the fix for it?


non for me we are in diffrent timezones so @echel0n havent been able to conect to my pc


Thanks @jillis92

@echel0n what were you thinking of look at?


I’m available now to check torrent leech via teamviewer


do you have time now ?
just saw ur msg i have pmd