Unable to connect Sickrage under Synology


I have install Sickrage on my Synology Nas (under DSM 7) and when i put my login, nothing… No error message, no message just the windows empty who come back…

How connect on my Sickrage ?

PS : With an other login i can connect on Sickrage

SiCKRAGE locks to the very first account that is used to log into it, after that you have to continue using that account to get back in, only way to reset it is to shut it down and delete the config, then restart.

Multi-user support is on the roadmap, however, its due to only be introduced into the new UI that I have been working on in my spare time, so there is no set date yet for that functionality.

How delete the config under Synology ?

Uninstalling it and then re-install should do the trick.

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I’ll also see about adding back in the function to unlink an account, but that will probably not be done till the weekend.

I have do that :wink:

Tks for your help