Unable to add custom provider resurrectthe.net


Finally managed to get sickrage running on my MacMini (mac OS 10.15.7) and was wanting to add a private torrent tracker to the custom provider. I am unfortunately getting an error msg

"macmini:8081 says

No items found in the RSS feed h ttp://resurrectthe.net/advanced_rss.php?cats=7;1;2;3;4;23;24&tpc=5&auth=XXXXXXXXXXX=="

(code after auth= has been anonymised) (spaces added in http so it didn’t become a link in post)

I have copied the RSS feed url directly from the site, and i believe SICKRAGE is changing the ‘&’ to ‘&amp’ - is this what is causing the add custom provider to error out? I have found some articles about it on github, but none really show a solution, and one is also no longer available.

I would provide links - but because they refer to sick c h i ll i cant…

I do apologise if this has been resolve somewhere else, but im at a bit of a loss if so because i am still coming across it…