Hello Sam,

since Kodi 19, a new scrapper is present by default in Kodi, it’s TMDB TV Show and for me, French user, it’s really better than TVDB…

On TVDB, when I want to correct some episodes, the person who answers me says “it’s written like that in Wikipedia” or something like that… “We can’t correct”, “That’s how it is in French”… But I’m French and that’s not how it’s written… I can’t stand the TVDB team that knows my native language better than me >< So now I correct directly in the nfo just for me

Do you think you will add TMDB as a scrapper in Sickrage soon?


Yes, TMDB is on the list of series providers I am in the works of adding into SR, I just haven’t had time lately to do this but I do plan to shortly.

Great :wink: It’s a really good news :wink: