Totally lost as new to Sickrage again

I have not used Sickrage for a while now and a bit rusty LOL!

Install etc went well, had to do Windows Updates (WIN10) but now i cant even log in to SickRage… just keeps saying unable to connect… im sure im missing the obvious but yeah, cant even access it :frowning:


http://localhost:8081 in your browser shoud take you to the loginpage :slight_smile:


Thats how it should work lol

I had to uninstall and then reinstall it all and then it worked…

Then while trying to add shows i got the following - UNABLE TO CONNECT again…

I think it might be my internet connection as we having a huge storm at the moment and keeps dropping out, ill keep at it HAHA!

And if you get this message, ill be amazed as it keeps saying internal error :frowning: uuurggggg

Still unable to even access SickRage… keeps telling me unable to connect.
I have uninstalled a zillion times, and everything i can think of, I am not a techno geek and any help would be appreciated please!

What browser are you trying ?


I have tried Firefox on Windows 10, and edge… its very sporadic :frowning_face:

Would a VPN be an issue?

New version is out that should resolve all these issues.