Total failure to upgrade

I was running an older version of SickRage (executable name of which I’d installed into /opt/sickrage. To install the new release I renamed that directory to /opt/sickrage1 and did a git pull to /opt/sickrage and chowned that directory to sickrage:sickrage.

I then did a pip3 install -r requirements.txt which worked fine

I have the old config file stored at /home/sickrage.

I copied the files sickbeard.db and cache.db from /opt/sickrage1 to /opt/sickrage

I also copied the new /opt/sickrage/init.ubuntu to /etc/init.d/sickrage.

The /etc/default/sickrage looks like:

# COPY THIS FILE TO /etc/default/sickrage
SR_OPTS=" --config=/home/sickrage/config.ini"

When I try to start the sickrage service it runs for a very short time and the config.ini in /home/sickrage is munged into one encrypted line. How do get this working please. The files in the log directory are empty.

Help please!
Thanks, David

Please could someone help with this …

Bump - is there truly no-one here who can help ?

Are you not able to access on port 8081 ?

NO - process only runs for a short while

Could you please email me to sickrage.log file to [email protected]

I wish I could but as I said, the files in the log directory are empty (0 bytes).


I would need SSH access to take a further look at you’re setup, if you wish you can PM me the login details and I’ll try and get to this later today.

I installed again from git and didn’t copy anything this time. chowned everyting to sickrage:sickrage, and it seems OK!