Torrent9 provider


I will look ok at this once I get home tonight


Did you have the chance to find something? Currently yggtorrent is down and gktorrent is not up to date, torrent9 is the only one up to date…


The unable to verify torrent download URL issue has been resolved for all providers, I’ll update gktorrent and check into the rest while I’m at it and see if I can’t add a few more to the list :wink:


How long has maintenance been going on for YGG ?


I’ll answer in dedicated post of ygg:




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Ygg has been down due to a corrupted database since 09/02.

They are working in setting it up again …


OK, so the only course of action right now is to wait it out till they return, for the time being, do you have any other providers you would like added into the app to fill the void till they return?


What about “because we are unable to verify the download url” for torrent9 ? resolving this will solve torrent9 issues.


Waiting for ygg to be restored and gktorrent new domain to be defined, I think that you can commit the “because we are unable to verify the download url” issue. At this time this is the only french torrent site to be up to date with last episodes.


That should of been resolved, if not.i can look into that as it sounds provider specific.


Yep, still hapenning:



Hi have the same isue, all torrents from torrent9 have this issue , then I have to dl all manually…


Will look at this when I get home, also need to take a look at a few other things that could greatly increase the speed of show updates.


Thanks ! It is currently the only torrent provider for french torrents to be up to date :wink:


Pushing a fix for this now, enjoy and sorry it took so long :slight_smile:


Cool! Did you commit ? Not update has been performed on my version. I’m on master branch.
SR Version:


9.4.59 is latest, are you on synology ?


No Raspberry Pi 3. So far, updates have been automatic, that’s why I’m asking.


OK if i Perform following command lines to get last version ?

sudo service sickrage stop

cd /opt/sickrage/

git reset --hard

git pull