TORNADO::ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'subliminal.matches'

Hi All,
Ive just done a fresh install and get the program running, however when i try to add a show i get this error

2020-07-28 21:53:40 TORNADO::ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘subliminal.matches’

File C:\SiCKRAGE\sickrage\subtitles\providers\, in :
from subliminal.matches import guess_matches
ModuleNotFoundError:No module named ‘subliminal.matches’

any suggestions

checking on this now

try this pip3 install -r C:\SiCKRAGE\requirements.txt then after restart SR

I gave this a try this morning with no luck.
It just tells me that the requirements are already satisfied :frowning:

New fix is out, please test and confirm working, thanks!

I’ve installed the new version today and it works great, suggestion to anyone reading this to make sure they remove all of none working sickrage and let the installer do the work from scratch!

Thanks again @echel0n