Synology Download Station Authentication Issue

I feel as though I have tried everything and I still cannot get Sickrage to interface with the Download Station on my Synology. Every single time I get the error ‘Failed to authenticate with DownloadStation’ when I click Test Connection.

  • Both my Diskstation and Sickrage are up to date
  • I know the password is correct as I have tested it when logging into the DS & in an external app.
  • I have tried the username’s root, admin and my actual username.
  • I have tried my local DS IP ( as well as http://localhost:5000/, my external IP (http://80…:5000/) and my DDNS Hostname (***
  • I have checked through permissions in the control panel and SSH and to my untrained eye they all look ok. I would appreciate more thorough instructions here to ensure I didn’t miss anything.

What version of SR are you using ?

Using v2018.10.06-2.

Python Version: 2.7.14

Synology DSM: 6.2.1-23824

You are using a SiCKRAGE version from a different repo and is not officially supported.
Please download the supported version.
You can follow the steps from here.

I can’t find permission instruction for synology…