Stop searching for ended, complete shows?


I have a series which ended years ago, I’ve got HD on all episodes. But Sickrage is still searching for newer versions, which don’t exist and I don’t want if they did, i like what I’ve got. How do I tell SR to stop searching for certain shows? I tried setting to Paused, but no luck, its still searching.



What are you’re show quality settings ?


Most are set to Custom, to keep it simple instead of a bunch of different settings. Since you asked that, I take it if I take them and set the ones I want to stop, to a lower setting, it’ll stop?



Thats correct, custom allows you to set a quality for initial download then several for final, its the final ones that are causing the searches.


If I have a show such as Hogan’s Heros, that’s SD, but it’s been re-masted and re-released HD, how do I tell it “Get SD if that’s all you can find, but if you happen to find HD, grab it?” ?



You need to set a custom quality from show options by editing the show, not infront of my pc but fairly sure you would set any to sd then preferred/best to hd


Ok, On the one I’ve got I set “any” to SD and HD, then Preffered to just the HD.


That should do the trick, just understand this will cause the app to contnue searching for higher quality episodes