Steps to help resolve issues or bugs


If you’re experiencing any issues or bugs with SiCKRAGE please try the following steps to resolve your problems before posting asking for help, my workload is rather large so the less time I spend replying to posts on the forums is more time I use fixing or improving SiCKRAGE!

First, let’s make sure you are using the latest version by running the following commands from the folder you installed SiCKRAGE to.

Shutdown SiCKRAGE before performing the following commands:

#1. git reset --hard
#2. git pull

Start SickRage and confirm if your problem has been resolved, if not then let’s try the following commands again first by shutting down SickRage:

#1. git checkout develop
#2. git pull

Startup SiCKRAGE again and confirm if your problem has been resolved.

If your problem persists check the forums and read the stickies.

You can also submit a bug report via our Issue Tracker at

The following info is recommended to provide if possible to help resolve your issue:

#1. Python version.
#2. Operating system.
#3. sickrage.log file.
#4. config.ini file.
#5. sickrage.db file.

Its highly recommended to email files or logs to [email protected] as they contain sensitive information that I’m sure you would rather not have the world seeing or using!