SR version 9.4.84

I did a new installation on a new computer, and I have two issues.

I was trying to add my programs from the harddisk, but all but one are in LOADING, while the one added has the following warning on top: This show is in the process of being downloaded - the info below is incomplete.
I tried to reboot and I found only 1 show, all “loading” shows don’t appear on list.

the second issue is related to update.
It tries to update to the same version every 1 hour as u can see there:

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Running 9.4.84 on a Windows 10 install on an Intel Nuc and I am getting exactly the same as above… Any options I can try?

Newest version is on develop branch, 9.4.84 is being phased out right now, how did you install ?

I used the windows installer on the main site page. Any tutorial or steps on how I can get onto the develop branch?

Ok, I updated using GIT and got it running on the Dev branch and python 3.7
Then couldn’t add any shows…

Could you elaborate more on what you mean by you can’t add any shows ?


Ok, I updated to [v9.4.85.dev26] and it’s fixed itself. On dev20 it wasn’t adding any shows when I would select add existing shows. Nothing in the logs for an add at all. But looks 100% better now. Thanks