SR not updating

SR Version: 9.4.86
Python Version: 3.7.3

There is an update to 9.4.87 and both the automatic and manual update has failed. Any ideas?

I’ll take a look on my side and respond back once I have a solution for you.

Coolio. :smile:


OK, I’ve pushed out a new installer that has the latest update in it and resolves the updating issues going forward, please install on top of existing and let me know how it goes.


OK, downloading now.

I’ll let you know.

It downloaded and installed over existing no problem. And checking for updates says “no update available” so that’s all good.

It did not fix my “Post Processing” problem though. Still not working.

According to the log, it starts and finishes in seconds but doesn’t rename and move.

2019-07-01 22:33:54 INFO::POSTPROCESSORQUEUE-MANUAL::Processing C:\Users*\Downloads\0 - TV Cleaned\ 2019-07-01
22:33:49 INFO::POSTPROCESSORQUEUE-MANUAL::Processing C:\Users*
2019-07-01 22:33:48 INFO::POSTPROCESSORQUEUE-MANUAL::Started manual post-processing job for: C:\Users*\Downloads 2019-07-01 22:33:48 INFO::CORE::Manual post-processing job for C:\Users*\Downloads has been added to the queue

If you want to see what is going on then you need to checkmark Don't use processing queue

Yeah, umm you lost me. :smile:

You want a new roof on an apartment complex or an office building then I’m the guy you call. You want to figure out the workings of an app/software, I can follow along and follow direction but that’s about it.

This issue is resolved.