SR not recognizing a show has downloaded (If downloaded externally)

Before, I could download a show directly from BTN (a season pack for instance), and SR would scan the file once it was finished and update/post-process accordingly. Now for some reason, it won’t do this. I downloaded 2 seasons of the middle, and it doesn’t see them at all. Checking the show, it still shows as skipped for those seasons. I tried to batch change the status to downloaded, but the log says “can’t change status to downloaded as it’s not snatched/downloaded”. I ended up just copying them into the BTN folder manually until I can figure out why it’s not detecting the show anymore.

So you would download and place them into the show folder and then rescan using SR but that no longer works ?

That’s correct. It’s not detecting that I have downloaded a show/season. Post-processing doesn’t even acknowledge them. Usually what happens, is the show will show as “downloaded 720p WEB-DL” in the show list, then it’ll get post-processed into the correct folder.

OK, little confused here, post-processing won’t or should not post-process the show folder, you’re supposed to have a separate folder for post-processing.

If you however do place the manually downloaded video files into the show folder then a simple show update should find the files and mark them as downloaded.

So help me better understand exactly what it is step by step you are doing and what you expect to happen …


Ok… here’s the workflow:

I initiate a download of a season on BTN.

It downloads on qbitorrent as normal.

When it finishes, the completed file is placed in a folder called “finished”.

When I post-process… it is set to scan my “finished” folder for content. Normally, it will see that there is a show on my list in that folder, and start processing them into my “BTN” folder, which has all of my show folders with seasons/episodes etc. This is all done by copying the original file into my BTN show folder.

Once I hit my seeding requirements I delete the original file out of the show folder.

The issue arises when I download a show directly from BTN, it doesn’t show up as “downloaded” for that show in SickRage, so post-processing doesn’t even account for it, even if a folder matching the show is in my “finished” folder. The only workaround is manually copying the episodes into the corresponding show folder in my “BTN” folder.

Hopefully that makes sense. Sickrage used to automatically switch the status from “skipped” to “snatched” basically as soon as I start a download. It doesn’t detect that anymore.

Here’s where I’m getting hung up on understanding, you said you initiate a download of a season on BTN, are you referring to initiating that from SR or are you clicking on the torrent link from the BTN website and it automatically opens that torrent up in qbittorrent and starts to download it ?

If you’re doing it that way it will never show downloaded in SR till you’ve actually post-processed the files, now if post-processing is not finding any files to process then this may just be a issue with the way those files are named.

Now if you’re actually initiating the search/download from SR then it would show snatched and then downloaded once post-processed.

My issue is most certainly caused by this, as I just checked my server status. No wonder nothing is working as it should. Go see my other thread, here.

What version are you using?