SR Downloading entire season pack after I've grabbed them all individually

So I’m having this issue, where SickRage is grabbing me all the episodes for any given season of a show as they air, but then when the season is over it grabs the entire season as well despite me already have downloaded them all individually. Why is it grabbing the season of a show I just watched, and grabbed the episodes on their own? The episodes are marked as downloaded, not wanted, so why is it doing it, and how can I ensure it doesn’t happen again?

what are your quality settings for a show this has happened to?

They’re usually 720p by default. It just happened again with another show. I’m not choosing to have it download over again… any ideas?

Please create a backup in SR, then email me a link to download that backup, also please provide me the show name that it just happened to, I’ll take a further look on my side once I download the backup you provide.


It’s been multiple shows, but I’ll let you know the most recent to do it was “Behind The Attraction”. I’ll send you that backup straight away. Thanks.

when you download the episodes individually, like for “Behind The Attraction”, were they downloaded as 720p WEB-DL ?

OK, so for “Behind The Attraction”, I see you have a quality preset used of “HD720p”, that is comprised of many different qualities that are considered 720p, “720p WEB-DL” may actually be lower quality then the season download its attempting to snatch, only way to resolve this is to either set custom qualities or turn on “skip downloaded” to avoid updating quality of old and new downloaded episodes from show options.

how do I do skip downloaded? Is that a universal toggle? Or do I have to do that for every episode of every show in my list?

okay, im understanding this more now. I set a custom quality setting of either 720p WEB-DL or 1080p WEB-DL allowed. Will that be absolute, and not result in downloading multiple downloads? As long as it’s at least 720/1080, I don’t really care about replacing them with higher versions. Once I watch it, I’m not going to rewatch it in a higher quality.

nevermind. I just found the toggle! Going to turn this on for ALL shows. Awesome! I’m good to go!

I believe setting a custom “allowed” list and not setting any “preferred” would also work, you can try either, up to you, just happy to provide solutions :slight_smile:

I just set them all to skip downloaded. Less of a headache. Saves me from having to seed massive season packs for a week. I never catch them before the allowed 10% cancel before completion. We’re good to go over here :slight_smile:

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