SR docker synology unable to connect

After updating to the latest version SR from docker registry, SR unable to connect (port 8081).
I updated using this procedure:
Download latest image from Registry
*stop the container, *
*use the clear command from the action menu, *
start again
SR running at synology 920+.
Please help !

Last screenshot I can see it says “Cannot assign address”

Have you tried rebooting your Synology device ?

Not yet, I will try now. BTW it seems that SR is running in the background, this is log file:

I’ve already restarted synology but still unable to connect.

Yes, SR will continue to run without a UI.

Are you passing in any commands to the docker ?

No, I don’t think so. I don’t use linux.

OK, SR latest version now running. I uninstalled SR from docker , deleted all SR images and container. After that I deleted SR folder from file station, restarted synology and made clean install latest version. Now I get this warrnings:

Also I get i get the following errors:

The JWT error I’ve caught in Sentry already a few times, it looks like someone is trying to probe SR instances, I will go ahead and add a exceptional handler for this to properly handle it.

The GIT related errors is due to the removal of the git binary from the docker images, the intention is to disable automatic updates for docker images possibly, reasoning behind this is to ensure stability between updates, in the past I have found requirements.txt don’t always get installed due to one problem or another, performing upgrades manually or via 3rd-party apps seems to be the only viable solution to this.