Specials episode in total counts

Hi there,

All specials are counted in the total episode count, like they’re missing. I can’t mass manage them.
Is there a new way to disable them that I don’t know of?
Currently their status is “skipped”


Are you stating you have special episodes downloaded or not downloaded ?
Those numbers indicate not missing but downloaded

They’re not downloaded, they are all marked as skipped and it has been like that for years. But for an unknown reason to me, not they all appears as mmissing in the total count (even if all marked as skipped)

cause the total count is for downloaded and not skipped

oh wait, you mean the total count of episodes for a show ?

Yeah, images speak louder:

For example, this show (Americans), and the other shows also behave like this

OK, now I understand what you are saying, let me see what is causing this.

You had a chance to find the issue?

Not yet, lot of things on my plate right now, will try and take a look this weekend.

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Furthermore, I noticed that snatched episode are not appearing as missing episodes anymore in the Schedule tab.