Something is teribly wrong with postproccesing of aboslute

so when you post process example an episode of bleach with absolute 201 it takes it takes it as season 2 episode 10 even tho it is season 10 episode 12
i had encountered this many times with anime so you have to sit and manually rename them else the post processing gonna screw everything up

and also manual postprocesing after is done with post proccesing you can’t simply go back to do another manual postprocces as you will get “An item with directory D:\complete is already being processed in the queue” even throgh is already done with post proccesing that single file hours ago so only way to be able to do this is by stop sickrage and start it again

k I can take a look at this, don’t get to many anime issues reported so thanks, right now the code is under a major change to prepare for a new Metadata service and UI, I’ll try and get this fixed as soon as possible but changes won’t get pushed till testing is done with the other changes.