Some shows not updating from thetvdb


I have a show, Doctor Who (2005) that is not adding today’s episode to the season list. It is on the TVdb in order to have it listed as wanted so it will be searched for when available.

Just did a clean install yesterday of the newest version of sickrage on my mac and updated all related stuff via terminal, but added shows from a backup of an older Sickrage using the sickbeard.db.

Some shows seem to be updated correctly and at least one is not, that I have noticed so far.

Should I try deleting the show and re-adding it?

Thanks for all the work that is done on sickrage. I had used sickbeard for years and was glad to find sickrage awhile back.


Deleted the show, readded it. Updated correctly.

Problem solved.

Thanks again for all the hard work.


Show updates happen during searches


OK. So was working properly.

I like to glance at the schedule as calendar and when today’s show was not listed I was concerned that it would not be grabbed.


Yeah I can see how it could get confusing, the reason I have it setup this way is so show updates only happen right before a search happens, this way I can be sure the show episodes that air today are set to wanted when a search happens and do not get missed.


Makes sense. Now that I know it won’t be an issue.


Actually the shows update every day from the way I’m re-reading the code


Just found another show that had not updated. I think this is because my backup was from an old set up. Going forward if I find a show with this issue I will delete and re-add it.



I have similar trouble, the shows next episodes are not up to date and/or the episode list is not up to date which provoques no download of new episodes.
Trying to understand how it works.
If I go in a show and click on full update -> ok the new episodes appears at wanted status.
In Mass update, there is no way to make a mass update of shows.
Then I have to do it show per show.

Need some advice, tips to improve this please.