Sickrage windows installer - virus warning in Windows defender [Screenshot]


I tried to download sickrage today, but when I clicked on download, Windows defender went on a frenzy and blocked the download.
It says it is a trojan named Trojan:win32/Tiggre!plocksickrage

The text is in swedish, but it says it is a serious threat.

Is it safe to download and run, or what?

I’m going to create a new installer so please hold off till I reply back later today

same problem here today.
SR stoped to work after last update (again…) and I’d install it again but windows defender doens’t permit it.

OK, new windows installer released, you can download from

Please let me know how it works out :slight_smile:

Will try when I get home.

But an explanation would be appreciated, Virustotal reports both malware and coinminer.
Is it a false positive, or is the installer bundled with PUP?

Reports that on what ?

I just ran through virus total and it comes back 100% clean

Feel free to download the from the website and run it you’re self as well, thanks!


Has the installer changed again?
VirusTotal reports malware and Miner.

To be fair, “only” 2 out of 69 AV-engines recognizes it.

Setup was changed few weeks back as the previous engine used to create the installer was causing false positives, these 2 sites that still flag the new installer have yet to manually unflag based on URL.