Sickrage will not start after update python

What platform is this on ?

Synology ds918+ DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 2


This is due to me building wheels against Python 3.5.6, you should uninstall/remove Python 3.7 and install Python 3.5 which is officially available from Synology Community under packages, then you’re need to install latest update for SiCKRAGE

I only found 3.5.1 looks like I need 3.5.2?

Package is by Allan Clark, Python 3.5.6-8

Thanks I try it I had to download it manually as it only show latest so I went to:
and I could see that version for my CPU
I try it now.

Do you not have their package repo added into you’re Synology ?

Yes sir for some years now I double check it with the one you provided same one I have always had plus the one I add I think last year or so after moving from sickbeard.

Hmmm makes me wonder if they just released the Python 3.7 package then, means I got some damn updating to do, argh!

Work fine now I restored the DB from backup and that even worked all the show are there like before I got to remember to not update python till I see any indication if been tried.

Well its because before we would install requirements using pip3 but now we build requirement wheels and package them into the spk, this way we know all the requirements are available for the device before hand, I’ll see about tightening the package python version requirement so this doesn’t happen again and gives us better control over updates and depends.

Note the latest sabnzb requires latest Python 3 so it break Sickrage if you go through the upgade,

@spock99 latest version via a manual download or latest version through package manager in DSM ?

OK, I’m building new packages against Python 3.7.7-12, will let you know when its ready for testing.

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Excellent news. I’m having the same same issue. From /var/log/messages:

2020-08-21T01:22:28-04:00 Skidbladnir [  652.346403] init: pkgctl-sickrage pre-start process (2994) terminated with status 1
2020-08-21T01:22:28-04:00 Skidbladnir synoscgi_SYNO.Core.Package.Control_1_start[2614]: servicecfg_internal_lib.c:22 Failed to start job [pkgctl-sickrage][0xD900 manager.cpp:204]
2020-08-21T01:22:30-04:00 Skidbladnir synoscgi_SYNO.Core.Package.Control_1_start[2614]: service_initjob_action.c:27 InitJobStart failed, [0xD900 manager.cpp:204]
2020-08-21T01:22:30-04:00 Skidbladnir synoscgi_SYNO.Core.Package.Control_1_start[2614]: pkgstartstop.cpp:371 Failed to start pkgctl-sickrage (err=-1) [0xD900 manager.cpp:204]

@random_pants can you please reply back with the python3 package version you have installed ?

ok, pushing out new develop syno pkg built against python 3.7.7-12, I haven’t had a chance to test it yet so please let me know if this installs correctly.

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So I see the old dev version in package Center no new one.

Most certainly 9.4.222-dev0-17 should be available