SiCKRAGE v10.0.2 released

v10.0.2 has now been released to the master / stable branch.

This was previously being actively bug fixed on our develop branch, so if any bugs do come up that did not get addressed, please open an issue ticket for them so that I can quickly resolve the issue.

With that being said, many improvements have been implemented, new application API code has also been introduced and constantly being added onto, making way for the new web interface soon!

Major code changes made to support multiple series providers, new code added to pave the way for multi-user support as well.

As always, enjoy and stay safe,

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If anyone has issues with accessing the web user interface after this upgrade, please look at your logs to see what IP address SR is running on and attempt connecting to that, if that still does not work you can then attempt starting up SR with --host so it will listen on all interface IP addresses.

Further assistance with this potential issue, you can log a issue ticket.