Sickrage stops randomly

I have sickrage instaled on synology ds415+. This is info:
SR Sub ID:

SR App ID:

SR Version:

SR Install Type:

SR GIT Commit:

Python Version:
3.5.6 (default, Nov 25 2018, 14:24:15) [GCC 4.7.3 20130102 (prerelease)]

Today is the second time within a week that sickrage stops itself. When it is not accessible I simply start it again from synology packages but this is not the solution. Where can be the problem?

From general settings enabling debug logging, next time you can’t access the UI and have to restart please send me the log files to [email protected]

Debug already enabled (and sent), I noticed that can’t be switch off actually neither settings from config - general can be saved !! Nothing happen when click save changes.

I’m adding to this because I found this thread while trying to figure out this issue for myself, I have added to this bug report

It seems to stay up (at least overnight) if I don’t mess with anything but as soon as I use the WebUI and make something wanted or change some settings or whatever it starts to mess up. That said, if I restart the service then make those changes real fast after I restart then it will work again for at least a few minutes.

Working on this issue as we speak over the course of the next few days