SiCKRAGE SSO authorization server


Now almost a week, I am unable to access Sickrage as I get this message,

We are currently unable to reach the SiCKRAGE SSO authorization server, Please try again later!

Has anything changed?

what happens when you try and go to ?

I get an “Internal Server Error”


should be fixed now, please confirm

Hi - Just checked, below screenshot


Also, by using your link above, I got this but I can’t reach SR…

After a while, under Applications, some consol link appeared, clicked on it but stuck on Keylock logo and circle…

By the way, application is running on my Synology which is located in Moscow, Russia - could this be an issue?

Have you tried restarting SR ?


Yes, I can’t pass Keycloak… When I click on the Account Console under Application, it refreshes and goes back to Applications, original link I was using, still gives the same error, We are currently unable to reach…

I would need remote access to your system so I can take a look further, you can provide this by going to, installing anydesk, and providing me your anydesk # via private message.

Sorry, How do I install on Synology? There’s no actual PC connected to it

Not sure what has changed somewhere but SR is now working… I have not updated any network settings, or changed anything in Synology…
Its short of a miracle !
Thanks for your help and support,


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503 Service Temporarily Unavailable. Unable to access SickRage SSO server.

Today I getting this error. Even my local IP is not showing right instead of xxx-xxx-x-138 shows xxx-xxx-x-145.
I have latest SR version on Synology-docker.

the SSO server is undergoing major upgrades and thus is currently down, we will update you once we have more information to provide.

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Thank you for clarifying.

new release is out to resolve this, please update and confirm resolved or not.

I confirm that it is now working as expected after updating.

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I can also confirm SR is working after update. :smile:

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It’s not working for me. I am on Windows 7. Getting the same message.

We are currently unable to reach the SiCKRAGE SSO authorization server, Please try again later!