SiCKRAGE Remote access not working?

In the past I have been able to login to the WebUI remotely, both at home with my internal IP, and anywhere else with my external IP. I have my external port already setup for port forwarding, but I must be missing something as I can’t type in my internal IP followed by the port number and login? What am I doing wrong?

Same issue for a while

Have you tried starting up SR with --host

How should I do that in Windows?

If you install the latest version which is 10.0.7 it will automatically add that for you

Doesn’t work either!

I’ll be pushing a fix out for this in the morning

Thank you for the good work!

develop branch is pushed, now doing master branch :slight_smile:

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what version should we look for? 10.0.9? I have 10.0.8

still not working. is there a setting that isn’t checked for me? This has always just worked, and it won’t work anymore.

ok, what OS are you running this on?

are you attempting to access SR from the same system it’s installed on if so try HTTP://

Also, latest version is v10.0.8

it’s installed on windows 10.

I can access it from a browser on the same system. I am trying to access from an iphone using safari using my format. That has always worked.

OH, thats most likely a Windows 10 firewall thing then, with the new installer I never bothered to update the firewall rules, figured thats something I would let the end-user decide on.

ok, I’m updating the installer to create a firewall rule called “SiCKRAGE” allowing inbound/outbound TCP connections on port 8081

I’ll upload the new installer soon!

Ok, new updated installer is out for Windows

Please confirm if this has resolved the issue

Are you sure you uploaded the latest release? It’s still called “SiCKRAGE-10.0.7”

Sure, but it’ll prompt you to update when you attempt to run the installer