Sickrage permission on Synology

I can’t find instruction for synology installation.
I made a new installation on DSM7 but I forgot how to give sickrage all the permission.
I gave gropu sc_download permission on download station but it doesn’t work…

Somebody can help me?

Did you setup download station inside SR ?

Ops, I’m sorry… My setting of download station on sickrage were wrong…

I would like to point out that the “Allowed video file extension” on general/advanced is still wrong from new installation.


(is addic7ed subtitle service working or not? I compiled username and password…)

“Allowed video file extension” is wrong in what way?

In this way:

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OK, I found and corrected the bug, was happening during config migration due to the Synology package still using a default config.ini, I’ll push the fix out for others once I finish fixing a couple more things.


You’re welcome.

Is addic7ed subtitles service working? I compiled username and password…

I don’t personally use subtitle service providers, I can check and see later on this week.

@echel0n Which permissions does need an user to send torrent to download station? I use an admin user but I want to use a specific sickrage user with limited permission, but it doesn’t work. I gave it permission to DSM, download station but it doesn’t send torrent.

So it does work with an admin user, correct?

@echel0n Yes, it does work with admin user, but not with normal user with download station permission.
Even if it say it can connect to download station, it can’t send torrent.

Any news about this issue?