Sickrage permission on Synology

I can’t find instruction for synology installation.
I made a new installation on DSM7 but I forgot how to give sickrage all the permission.
I gave gropu sc_download permission on download station but it doesn’t work…

Somebody can help me?

Did you setup download station inside SR ?

Ops, I’m sorry… My setting of download station on sickrage were wrong…

I would like to point out that the “Allowed video file extension” on general/advanced is still wrong from new installation.


(is addic7ed subtitle service working or not? I compiled username and password…)

“Allowed video file extension” is wrong in what way?

In this way:

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OK, I found and corrected the bug, was happening during config migration due to the Synology package still using a default config.ini, I’ll push the fix out for others once I finish fixing a couple more things.


You’re welcome.

Is addic7ed subtitles service working? I compiled username and password…

I don’t personally use subtitle service providers, I can check and see later on this week.