Sickrage not loading?

I just reloaded my page:8081 and see it’s not loading, just spinning. Latest stable and latest dev.

It looks like it’s still running in the bacground, the UI just doesn’t ever load up.

try shift+f5 if using chrome, the front page was made to be more responsive so it doesn’t stall waiting for the data to load, its possible the app is doing something else in the background as stated stalling out the web request as well.

perhaps you can make a full backup and email it to me please.

Same here. Stopping and restarting the service seems to intermittently help but eventually all fails again with the home loading screen taking over; Happy to send logs but to what address?

Would you be able to allow me remote access to take a further look at whats going on ?


Same problem here. Did a clean install and everything was working well until I added a show and then tried to bring up the home page. Somehown what seems to be a new loading animation for the show list freezes and the whole application goes unresponsive :

I’m pushing a possible fix for this to DEV branch, can you please test on that branch and let me know if it resolves the issue so I can then push to MASTER …

Actually scratch that, I’m going to revert the changes as they need further work and testing, I’ll push a new hotfix out today.

If you give me a specific IP I should be able to forward you to mine. It’s a docker container though but I could give you WWW access and likely a shell ( with a little work ).

I did try to pull the backup this morning, but it would never load, just sit and spit trying. I did wipe and reset the docker containers this AM also.

I kind of ‘bypassed’ the bug… Stopped Sickrage then started it again.
Instead of loading the home page I tried to open up the config page first ( ip:port/config ).
The page loaded. Once there I tried jumping from section to section : no issue. I finally decided to try the home page… which loaded without a problem !

Maybe that can help some of you access their app until the fix is up :slight_smile:

I’m just on my way to work so cant really see what’s causing it till later tonight, I can reproduce the issue simply by reloading the main page over and over, seems to crash the app all together, may need to add a variable I that indicates it’s already in progress of loading.

Anyways thank you for sharing that info, I’ll keep you updated on the fix.

I tried similar, going to the Config page first then the home screen. One time the config page loaded, but after that couldn’t go to home still. Another time the config page wouldn’t even load.

No worries, I’m at work until 5:00 US Mountain time, so can’t do much until 6:30PM.

I’m pushing out a release now, I’ve switch to using a async sleep timer that seems to remove the issue that was blocking the web calls, please update and let me know if this resolves the issue.



Still no luck after the update, I just started the app and tried to display the main screen with the same result : stuck on the logo and now it seem to be pumping RAM like crazy as soon as I try to display the home screen, it kept going up and up so I shut it down. (fresh install with only 1 show added for testing purposes, no configuration done). I can still access the other sections if I open the config page directly after restart (instead of home).


Same as Yoca, I tried both the latest Dev and Stable releases.

OK, I’m working on reverting the changes, gonna take some time to do but will have it released today

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OK, changes have been reverted and new release is being pushed

Ok, thanks for looking into it so quickly.

Np, I’ll continue working on a solution for slow page loads but release it under a different branch all together for testing to avoid this mess in the future.


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Thank you for this, the main issue seems ok.
I have a weird side effect though… When I create a custom naming pattern in the Post Processing options, my changes are not saved.
I also have the following error in the log :


(I did a fresh install after you pushed the changes)

edit : the other options are saved just fine.