Sickrage not finding episodes?

My UI is back up and running, but when I click on search to find an episode that I know is defintely there, it’s saying it can’t find anything? Any idea why it would be telling me that? Logs don’t show anything out of the ordinary.

What search providers do you have selected ?

BTN, that’s the only one I use.

Still having this issue. Also, lemme know what I’m doing wrong with remote access. When I go to xx.xx.xx.xx:xxxx in my browser, (internal up : port) it doesn’t work. It used to work just time, both internal and external IP.

OK, so you can still access the UI but not by IP address ?

that is correct. And I can only access it from the host machine (My PC)

I’m looking into the BTN search issue now, I will let you know what I find.

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Thank you, let me know what happens. Auto seems to find them, but a manual search will turn up nothing. Strange.

Sorry, have had lots of distractions, will try and get to this BTN issue later this week.

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can confirm, this is still an issue. I had 4 episodes that it could not find when I did a manual search. I went and had to download each episode manually from the BTN site. I hope this is resolved soon.

Found the issue, fix is pushed to develop branch now