SickRage installation on Synology - Issues

Reproduction steps
As I’m coming from a previous version of Sickbeard - I have backed up the var folder first.

  1. Ensure Git is installed - Yes Latest version available 2.38.1-25
  2. Ensure Python 3.8 is installed - Yes Latest version available 3.8.13-7
  3. Launch Package Centre
  4. Click Community, Search for SickBeard Custom (Diaoul) from the available apps and click INSTALL
  5. Downloads starts and Vol1 is selected for installation (there is enough space over 200gb free)
  6. Choose Fork, I changed the fork URL to ‘https://’ (ignore the space)
  7. Fork branch = master
  8. Click Next, and then click Apply
  9. Installation completes
    10 Application Starts then fails

Checking in the Log file, it states there isn’t a file

Checked in SSH and I can see that there isn’t this file, There is however a file, so I copied this to

It gets a little further now, and I can a new error in the log file

Sorry, SiCKRAGE requires Python 3.6+

As can be seen from step 2, I have already installed Python 3.8

Back to the SSH and checking the @appstore/sickbeard-custom/env/bin directory, I can see that there are 2 links already

python2 → python
python2.7 → python

But no mention of python 3.x

I have even uninstalled the entire application and re-installed it (incase anything was lingering from my upgrade) but the same issues occur.

Any help greatly appreciated.