Sickrage forgetting everything

So for the last few days, I’ve checked sickrage in the morning and found that it’s going straight to the add shows page, with no shows listed at all.

Every night my machine reboots (deliberately)

I can get my shows to.come.back by stopping and starting the service again but obviously the point of this is so that I don’t need to do each morning it shouldn’t be crapping out on me.

Ok, this seems to be a bug that is affecting Synology device users only, I’m going to further troubleshoot the issue now.

Except that I’m just running this on a Windows 10 machine :s

Would I be able to get remote access to take a further look ?
If so then please private message me the details.

Probably not easy to do at the minute (double NAT and terrible upload speeds). Happy to try zipping up my install folder to throw over when I get chance tonight?

I’ve had a few reports so far of this issue on Synology and now you on Windows, I’ve tested their backups and all works, so for me I am unable to reproduce the issue on my side even using their config and database, this isolates the issue to the device it self, for me to properly resolve this I would need access to a problem device to further troubleshoot and test fixes on.

Teamviewer would cut through all the double-nat.

So I think I might have sussed mine out
It seemed to only do it when the machine restarted, couldn’t see any errors in the logs, or anything odd in the main log.

What I did spot in my /data/ directory was these files
When I removed them from my /data/ directory and restarted the machine. It seemed to properly spring to life after the restart with no issues. Not sure if those dates mean anything to you? Maybe an upgrade that the backup didn’t clean up?

Will have to wait and see in the morning if that comes back.