Sickrage doesn't show folders

Sorry for the Noob question, I am a beginner. I searched the forums, but could not find a solution.

I have always used Sickbeard. Not for downloading, only for renaming episodes afterwards. Since a few days this has stopped working, so I started looking for an alternative and ended up here. Sickrage probably has the same problem, as it is probably due to changing its website, but Sickbeard is no longer being developed I think and Sickrage is.

I was able to install it on Windows, but I cannot get my episodes to show. They are on a Synology NAS, but it is an older model and it was using to many resources, so I uninstalled the Synology package and installed the Windows version on my desktop in stead.

When I go to Manage Directories, I only see local drives . I have mounted \\Synology\TV-Series as Z:, but I only see C:\ through F:\. I am able to add Z:\ manually, UNC path names (\\Synology\TV-Series) are not accepted, but this was the same in Sickbeard.

If I go to addShows/existingShows I see the Z:\ drive, but it is not showing any folders. Each show is in a separate folder, all episodes are in that single folder. As Sickbeard could see all folders, I don’t think it is a Synology problem. So what am I doing wrong?

Sickbeard is of course no longer running, both use the same address (http://localhost:8081)

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Any idea how to scan a share \server\folder or network drive Z:\ ?

Did you manage to fix this? I have exactly the same issue.