Sickrage and uTorrent

Had a working installation for several years, now I have moved onto a new installation on my windows pc
I made a fresh sickrage install and copied over my database

Somehow the link to utorrent doesn´t work
I can click test and it authenticates… I have label set to"tv" i sickrage

Couchpotato works fine, when appending label “movie” to torrents in uTorrent

2019-10-31 15:49:45 SEARCHQUEUE-MANUAL-358211::uTorrent: Unable to send Torrent

It can send to a blackhole, but then I loose all my automation, based on the label “tv”

Can anybode help me regarding htis matter ?


I can certainly take a closer look at this

I’ve tested this using latest version, as you see below from the screenshots this is working, please make a backup and email to [email protected] for further testing.